Crisp Crust Mac & Cheese

This easy homemade mac and cheese recipe is the epitome of delightful comfort food. 11 ingredients whipped up together in 15 minutes on the stovetop and baked in the oven to perfection. Crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside!

If you’re looking to spruse up this mac and cheese, here are my suggestions for delicious add-ins: 

  • cooked & crumbled bacon
  • Spicy sausage pieces
  • Vegetables (broccoli, peas, carrots, etc.)
  • Minced garlic and diced onions (as seen in my crispy mushroom rigatoni recipe)

You can also serve this with

  • Fried chicken
  • BBQ meats
  • large salad
  • Meatloaf

If you don’t have all the ingredients listed in my recipe, or are intolerant/ allergic to anything, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this recipe! Here are some ingredient substituions that work pretty nicely!

  • Macaroni. Any pasta will work just as well as macaroni in this recipe, I recommend using a shaped pasta e.g bows or fusilli just for the aesthetics of it all. You can also use gluten-free pasta, whole wheat pasta, chickpea pasta, the list goes on.
  • Butter. If you have a dairy intolerance, you can use margarine or dairy free butter.
  • All-Purpose Flour. Corn starch, tapioca starch or any type of white flour, gluten-free flour can be used too. I do not recommend whole wheat flour, it can affect the taste.
  • Milk. Any kind of liquid dairy works well in this recipe. Just remember the higher the fat content, the creamier your homemade mac and cheese will be. Again a dairy free milk can be used.
  • Cheeses. You can use greek yoghurt in place of the cream cheese, or you can add any cheese you like! Dairy free cheeses will do aswell.

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Prep Time: 15 minutesCooking Time: 25 minutesTotal Time: 40 minutes

undefined Course: Main meal
undefined Cuisine: English
undefinedKey words: Macaroni, cheesy, pasta bake
undefined Serves: 6
undefined Author: Sheneece

  • 450g Macaroni
  • 200g Butter
  • 130g Flour
  • 650ml Milk
  • 80g Cream cheese
  • 80g Mature cheddar cheese
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • 1 Tsp Chives/ Parsely
  • 1/4 Tsp Garlic
  • 2 Slices of bread
  • Extra cheese for topping
  1. Begin by boiling the macaroni in a saucepan with a generous pinch of salt. Boil it until it’s tender, this should take between 8 to 13 minutes.
  2. While the macaroni boiles, blend the 2 slices of bread into breadcrumbs, then toast them in the oven at 250 degrees C/ 480 degrees F, for ~12 minutes until golden.
  3. To make the sauce: melt the butter in a saucepan.
  4. Once the butter is completely melted add the flour and whisk until combined well.
  5. Keep stirring and cooking the butter and flour together for 1/2 minutes.
  6. Now add the milk little by little whicking well between each inclusion (4 inclusions should do it) As the sauce thickens add the cream cheese and cheddar.
  7. Once the cheese has melted in, season the sauce with salt and freash black pepper to taste along with the garlic, and chives/ parsely.
  8. Mix the sauce in with the macaroni until it’s completely coated.
  9. Transfer the macaroni to a casserole dish, top it with the breadcrumbs and extra cheese.
  10. Bake at 180 degrees C/ 355 degres F for 25 to 30 minutes.

Enjoy x

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